Our Community

The Lucki family has been involved in small businesses in Edmonton since the 1950’s. Ken and Lori’s father, Nicholas, always stressed the importance of customer satisfaction. He believed in providing good products at a fair price with good after-sales service. Moreover, Nicholas truly showed that honesty and integrity play an important role in anything you do. He taught that once you become successful, you make sure that you give something back to the community that has served you. At Lucki’s we continue that tradition.

Over the years, we at Lucki’s have made and continue to support a variety of charities by monthly contributions that are near and dear to our community.

Lucki’s also supports different organizations in their fundraising efforts which can range from products, gifts certificates or supplying spin bikes for bike-a-thons. As well, Lucki’s has donated pre-owned equipment to many worthwhile programs that promote fitness for our youth and for those less fortunate.

At Lucki’s we have always felt that it is our responsibility to give back to the community. It is our way of saying “thank you” to our valued customers for supporting and believing in us over the past years!